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What is new in webstorm

The presentation of completion suggestions in JavaScript and TypeScript became clearer and more consistent. To remove a destructuring completely, use the intention action called Replace destructuring with property or index access. The IDE will now warn you if a boolean expression in a condition has some unnecessary parts and will suggest simplifying it.

When you rename a symbol in a JavaScript or TypeScript file, the IDE now groups together dynamic usages and, by default, excludes them from the refactoring. This makes the refactoring more accurate and gives you more control over what exactly should be renamed in the Refactoring Preview tool window.

Getting Started with WebStorm

Code completion for components and their props from these and some other Vue component libraries is now more precise. Syntax highlighting is now available for these and many other languages — with no additional configuration requiredthanks to the collection of TextMate grammar files that ships with the IDE.

Ever typed funtcion or fnction instead of function by mistake? Now, code completion can understand this kind of errors and will still suggest the most relevant option for you. This works in all supported languages and for all symbols — keywords, classes, functions, components, and so on. WebStorm can now help you work with shell scripts. Code completion works in. With the new Duplicate code fragment inspection, you can now find code duplicates in your project.

It checks your code on the fly and immediately highlights potential duplicates in the editor. You can now maintain different code styles in different parts of your projects by adding multiple. In addition to the standard EditorConfig options, which have been supported for a long time, you can now use IDE-specific properties that cover all available IDE code style options.

When you have a project opened in WebStorm and want to open another one, you can now attach this second project to the opened oneso that you can see both of them in the same IDE window. If you want to close the attached project, right-click its root in the Project view and select Remove from Project View.

With the updated Plugin page in the IDE preferences, it is now easier to find the plugin you need — the plugin description is now shown right next to the list of available plugins. To disable or re-enable all the downloaded plugins, click the gear icon and choose the appropriate option. You can now quickly add a file to. New UI of completion popup The completion popup got a new, more polished look.

Improved Rename refactoring When you rename a symbol in a JavaScript or TypeScript file, the IDE now groups together dynamic usages and, by default, excludes them from the refactoring. Better support for Vue. Code Editing.Enjoy the intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error detection, powerful navigation and refactoring for JavaScript, TypeScript, stylesheet languages, and all the most popular frameworks.

Debug your client-side and Node. But any time you need Terminal, it's also available as an IDE tool window. Immediately see test statuses right in the editor, or in a handy treeview from which you can quickly jump to the test. Start working on your projects immediately instead of wasting time juggling multiple plugins. It puts the most critical developer tools like the debugger and Git at your fingertips. Write cleaner and more reliable code as the IDE runs dozens of inspections as you type and promptly detects potential errors and redundancies.

Save time exploring the code base with autocompletion that suggests which variables and methods are most relevant in the current context. Get around your code faster regardless of how large your projects are. Jump to the definition for any class, function, method, variable, or component and find its usages in just a few clicks. Easily navigate through the file you have opened with an at-a-glance view of its structure.

Adjust the appearance and behavior of the IDE by playing around with themes, code styles, plugins, and more, so that it fits your unique needs better. You can also automatically share your custom settings between different instances of WebStorm. Teams all over the world use WebStorm. Join them and get the best development experience. Peter K. I feel like nine out of ten times when I think of something that would be helpful in my javascript editing, the folks at Jetbrains have already implemented it in WebStormIDE.

what is new in webstorm

Bogdan P. If you do code review a lot, the best way in the universe right now is branch comparison in WebStormIDE. Just totally another perception world. Saves me so much time each day.The most recent release of Angular adds lots of new features to the CLI that make it easier for you to update and add new features to your app. The recent WebStorm WebStorm will use the Angular CLI installed globally on your machine or use its latest version via npx.

In WebStorm In the list, you can select which library you want to add. Right now it contains a predefined list of libraries that we know have ng add support but you can also specify the name of the package yourself. If you add a dependency to package.

With the Angular Schematic action, you can use schematics, which are special scripts that can generate the code for things like new components, directives, and services etc.

These are the standard schematics that come with Angular CLI itself which you could use in WebStorm for some time already. Now the list also includes the schematics provided by other dependencies, e. Angular Material. Specify the name of the component, you can also pass additional configuration options. WebStorm ships a collection of Angular code snippets developed by John Papa and these snippets were also updated for the Angular 6 release.

To use a snippet, you can either type its abbreviation and press Tab to expand it or select it from the code completion suggestions. You can see all the available snippets and add your custom snippets in Preferences Editor Live Templates. In the IDE you can double-click on the task name in the npm window on the left to start it. Starting with WebStorm Put the breakpoints in your TypeScript code directly in the editor, then click on the bug icon next to configuration to start debugging.

After the breakpoint is hit, you can step through your code, see the values of variables, use the debug console — all in the IDE. To sum it all up, the new WebStorm Download WebStorm Sign in. Ekaterina Prigara Follow. Angular Blog The latest news and tips from the Angular team. Love music and web technologies. Work at JetBrains.Please welcome JetBrains Monoa new open-source typeface made specifically for coding!

WebStorm Use it whenever you want to work in a full-screen editor with the source code centered and the UI elements hidden to minimize distraction. Ever wanted to use the IDE to edit a file quickly? With the new LightEdit mode, you can open an individual file in the text editor window without having to load the whole project. In WebStorm In the template section of the component, the IDE will properly resolve and autocomplete symbols returned from the setup function of the component, including properties in the reactive state, computed properties, and refs.

Plus, WebStorm will let you jump to the definition of getters, mutations, and actions. You can use features like code completion and auto imports in TypeScript and template files with no configuration. Add import statements for components defined via React. And if you use Material-UI components in your project, you'll now see completion suggestions when creating styles. For JavaScript and TypeScript, the Documentation popup now shows more useful information, including details about the type and visibility of the symbol as well as where that symbol is defined.

Plus, it now takes fewer clicks to apply the refactoring. With the new Run on save for files option, WebStorm will apply Prettier formatting to all files specified in the IDE settings and edited in the project as soon as you save those files. File watchers or third-party plugins are no longer required for this. To make it easier to work with the built-in terminal emulator, WebStorm now lets you split terminal sessions vertically and horizontally.

Keep an eye on the output of several tools that are currently in use without switching between tabs. Starting with v This should help you avoid grammar mistakes when adding comments, commit messages, and JavaScript language constructs.

Have teammates who need to work with your project? Share your run configuration with them.

what is new in webstorm

Want to make your commit history more linear and comprehensible? This just got a lot easier thanks to the updated, more interactive Rebasing Commits dialog. It displays the actions that can be applied to each commit, and lets you review the commit details and the diff as well as quickly reset the applied changes.

It is enabled for all new users by default. Improved React support Add import statements for components defined via React. More helpful quick documentation For JavaScript and TypeScript, the Documentation popup now shows more useful information, including details about the type and visibility of the symbol as well as where that symbol is defined. Support for TypeScript 3. Running Prettier on save With the new Run on save for files option, WebStorm will apply Prettier formatting to all files specified in the IDE settings and edited in the project as soon as you save those files.

Displaying terminal sessions side by side To make it easier to work with the built-in terminal emulator, WebStorm now lets you split terminal sessions vertically and horizontally. Bundled spell checker Starting with v More flexible run configuration sharing Have teammates who need to work with your project?

Version Control. Reworked dialog for rebasing commits Want to make your commit history more linear and comprehensible?Every so often, we get some feedback about the lack of up-to-date, comprehensive learning resources for WebStorm.

For new users, this scarcity can result in a steep learning curve during the onboarding stage. For existing users, it means a lack of content that would help them further excel at what they do. The first of these resources is the learning plugin for WebStorm. WebStorm If you feel like diving a little deeper, read on! To learn more about what else has been implemented in WebStorm Please report any issues on our issue trackerand stay tuned for the upcoming release announcement!

To catch up on what has already been implemented in v Or you can download the EAP builds from our website. Here are some of the highlights from WebStorm Here are some of the highlights of WebStorm To make work with your project easier for your team members, you can share the run configuration you used for that project with them.

In v With this checkbox ticked, WebStorm would save the desired run configuration in the. You can also download WebStorm For more details, please see the release notes.

This time, we talked to Vasyl Boroviaka full-stack developer who has been using WebStorm for the last few years.

what is new in webstorm

Vasyl told us about his journey from. The startup is quite small, so every employee, including myself, has to wear multiple hats. Apart from being responsible for everything happening on the backend and frontend, I do a lot of work with security, the network, databases, and infrastructure. I have a couple of contractors helping me with some tasks, but most of the work is on me. At my last three jobs, I did pretty much the same things and also worked with JavaScript.

Vue 3, the upcoming release of the Vue.

what is new in webstorm

This long-awaited functionality will let you keep an eye on the output of several tools that are currently in use without switching between tabs. Skip to content. Posted in Webinar Tagged learningnewsletterproductivity Leave a comment.

Posted in Cool Feature Tagged learningnewsletter Leave a comment. The new features and improvements fall into these categories: Look and Feel : a new default editor font, a unified light theme, Zen mode for focused coding, quick documentation on hover, LightEdit mode for quick editing, and a customizable status bar.

JavaScript and TypeScript : more useful quick documentation, new smart intentions and inspections, support for TypeScript 3. Tools : run Prettier on save, split terminal sessions, bundled spell checker, Jest enhancements, TypeScript support with Yarn 2, and more flexible sharing of run configurations.

Version Control : a reworked dialog for rebasing commits, improved work with branches, changes to the commit flow, and installing Git from the IDE. New default editor font : Starting with v More helpful quick documentation : The Documentation popup is now shown when you hover over a symbol.

This helps you find information about specific symbols faster.Besides client-side applications, WebStorm helps you develop server-side applications with Node. Note that having Node. Once you have opened a folder in WebStorm, the.

What’s new in WebStorm 2019.2

You can open, check out, and create projects from the WebStorm Welcome screen. On the Welcome Screenclick Open and then select the folder with your application in the dialog that opens. In the invoked dialog, select your version control system from the list and specify the repository to check out the application sources from. The Create New Project Dialog opens. In the left-hand pane, choose Empty Project. In the right-hand pane, specify the application folder and click Create.

You can also generate a project from a template, see Generating framework-specific projects for details. Alternatively, choose New from the context menu of the selection and then choose the file type from the list:. See Creating Files and Directories for more details. The WebStorm window consists of the Editor where you read, create, and modify your code, menus and toolbars, a navigation bara status barand a number of WebStorm tool windows.

These secondary windows are attached to the bottom and to the sides of your workspace and let you debug your code, run tests, interact with your version control system, and so on.

Learn more from Overview of the user interfaceEditor basicsand Tool windows. You can organize the layout of WebStorm as you like. For example, if you want to focus on writing your code, try the Distraction Free Mode.

It removes all toolbars, tool windows, and editor tabs, so you have more free space. You can restore the layout to its default by pressing this shortcut once again.

When the tool windows are hidden, you can access any of them via a shortcut - the input focus moves to the tool window and you can use any keyboard command in its context. To get back to the editor, just press Escape. When a tool window is visible, pressing its shortcut just brings the focus to it. Below is a list of shortcuts that invoke the tool windows you will most often need:.

The Navigation Bar is a compact alternative to the Project tool window. Use the RightRightUp and Down keys to move between the folders and view their contents. In most tool windows and popups, WebStorm supports speed search which lets you filter a list or navigate to a particular item by using a search query. WebStorm comes with a set of search and navigation features that will help you find your way through any code no matter how tangled it is.

See details in Source code navigation. This type of navigation works from any place in the source code. WebStorm automatically keeps track of the changes you make to the source code, the results of refactoring, and so on in the Local History. Here you can review the changes, revert themor create a patch :.

New for JavaScript developers in WebStorm and IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2

WebStorm automatically completes keywords, symbols from standard language API's and from the project dependencies. Learn more from Auto-Completing Code and Paths. WebStorm monitors your code and tries to keep it accurate and clean. It detects potential errors and problems and suggests quick-fixes for them.Manage dependencies with ease: all the actions are now available right in the editor of a composer. All the available versions of the specific package will be listed, too.

When you start a new project, you can create a composer. For files, this will open them in the editor. Each entry in the scripts section has a play icon in the gutter that you can click to instantly run the script. You can create a Run configuration for tests. Select your preferred driver, click the Run with Coverage button in the main toolbar, and observe the coverage results. PhpStorm Every deprecation will be highlighted in the editor.

Or just choose it at the bottom of the error description window. The core of PhpStorm — the type inference engine — has received a few nice improvements.

If the var tag with type info is redundant and PhpStorm already knows the correct type of the variable, then this tag will be highlighted. Tracking nullability is a tough task, and there used to be some places where PhpStorm was unable to detect it. This is no longer the case for the PhpStorm lets you know whether a variable is null or not and helps you avoid nullability problems. We introduced machine-learning-assisted ranking of completion options for PHP back in v This feature improves code completion by reordering the elements in the completion popup so that the most relevant items are ranked higher.

By default, ML-assisted completion is disabled. Moving a method from one class to another is now easier, as it can be done with a single atomic action. If a PHPDoc block has only param tags with types, then it can be completely removed in favor of native type declarations for parameters. PhpStorm will highlight any ternary expressions that can be reduced and simplified.

Using pass-by-reference can lead to unexpected consequences. This area has received several improvements. Previously, with overridemapand type directives, it was possible to adjust the behavior only of the first parameter of the functions.

In PhpStorm Instead of using an var or an property tags, you can now specify this information in a. This can work even if the type is not known beforehand. PhpStorm considers the die and exit functions, or any functions throwing an exception, to be terminating calls. It is now possible to mark any function as an exit point. Metadata assistance already made it possible to retain access to code completion even if you wanted to use an object as an array container for other objects.

However, the completion was not available for keys. This has been added in Last but not least, in the editor you will now see if a behavior has been modified by the. And since there can be any number of such metafiles in the project, by clicking the icon, you will open the one that is used in this specific place.

When developing web applications or API endpoints, you can now easily start debugging without leaving the PhpStorm window. To do this, create or open an. All the new features and improvements of WebStorm With the new Run on save for files option, WebStorm will apply Prettier formatting to all files specified in the IDE settings and edited in the project as soon as you save those files — a file watcher or a third-party plugin is no longer needed.

The advanced proofreading and grammar check plugin Grazie is now available out of the box. Get instant highlighting for typos and mistakes and fix them with a quick-fix action, just like any other errors in code.



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